Variant of the "difference" operation of the "boolean modifier"

right now boolean modifier is a great tool to make cut-outs from objects. what i miss is an additional option for the “difference” operation which doesnt delete the cut-out but seperate the cut-out into a new object. i really would need this possibilty on almost every model i create.


The modifiers aren’t capable of creating new objects, afaik. I don’t think that is going to happen.

As I’m sure you know, you can achieve roughly the same thing by duplicating the object, using boolean difference on the first copy and boolean intersect on the second. Using a linked duplicate (Alt + D instead of Shift + D) to sync edits across the slice and parenting to simplify object-mode transforming helps to streamline the process, but you’ll still need to synchronize modifiers the slow way.

A ‘difference + union’ operation that automatically generates vertex groups could give you a single-object equivalent, but I’m not sure how useful it’d be without atomic/constructive modeling modifiers.

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