Using the power of cycles node editor within the Texture system?


I’m trying to give blender a “forest-pack” like addon (that i would like to share for the foundation after a funding campaign by the way). I must say that it’s quite a huge flaw that we cannot detect edges, slopes, height, occlusion of terrains with this texture node editor. Things could be so much easier and effective for scattering biomes and vegetations (or anything else really) if the texture editor was more elaborate with thoses options above. Right now i feel like the only solution to elaborate procedural scattering distribution map is through vertex weight distribution and coding. But all of this is already possible within the cycles node editor… It’s kind of a design flaw to put a big wall between thoses two editors. isn’t it?

Would it be possible to elaborate a bridge from cycles shader editor to the texture system ?

i was thinking of an texture aldebeo output for cycles nodetrees


@brecht @billrey you told me that

There is a plan for textures that will make it fit better with the more node-based future for Blender. (@jacqueslucke?)

could this be a solution ?

I’m sorry to insist but thoses features above are really really important for creating environemental scenes and we already have the tools inside of blender to make this happend easely.

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