Using drivers from Python

I’ve been in discussion with Chaos Group about issues I’m having with their V-ray blender version (

It seems that their shading networks are defined using Python and it looks like drivers in that system aren’t accessible. For example, if I create a driver on their Python-defined node in the shading network, it doesn’t show up for editing in the graph editor when drivers are displayed.

They indicate that this is due to limitations with the blender python system. Is this accurate and/or known? Is there something that could be done to make this work (either on their side or in the blender code)?

It’s a limitation of Python-defined nodes in Blender.
See for example:

That was my understanding, so I wondered whether it might be possible to workaround this, or the core developers had some ideas for how to improve things. I’ll refer the Chaos Group folks to that LuxCoreRender issue in case it gives them some options.