User preferences should be back as an editor type

Hi there,

Maybe I miss something but In 2.8 I noticed that it disappear from the editor type list, so we can’t have this windows embedded in the main window anymore? it was very useful in some cases like editing a theme or configuring an addon. Now with a floating window you have to jump back and forth between the main window and a floating user preferences window when making quick test/adjustments.
Any hope to allow the user preferences as an editor type again ?

What I really want are floating windows that actually stays on top of the main Blender window…


Pablo said that the left bottom panel with operator settings is planning to be floating.

Please guys read carefully the subject! :roll_eyes:

Yes, there is no a editor type for user preferences anymore.

yep that’s not a good idea imo should be back as an editor type since it’s useful for configuring things without having to juggle between windows