user feedback

Dear offices:
I’m a Blendr user. I’d like to a few suggestions for updates listed below.

  1. The current version fails to pack UDIM textures. I’m not sure if that issue is caused by my wrong operations. If the issue exists indeed, can you guys fix it later? A project will be attached.
  2. When applying overwrite materail, seems there is no way to exclude the given materials. Could you please improve this function? BTW, I suggest setting the excluded materials based on the Collection. Is that workable?
  3. If is it possible to render the lights channel separately in the later version?

Hi Yuwenski.

This forum is not really the right place for this sort of question.

I think the best chance to get help with this is either the blenderartists forum (or a similar userforum) of the #support channel on