Use official channels to notify us when "Blender Today" is not streaming in time (or at all)

Currently, you have to open a non-open social media page (the tweety thingy) to learn when Pablo Vazquez will do the stream. If you have reasons to avoid those media, you visit mondays at 17h and get disappointed. Easy fix: It would be better to notify us via Just one or two words to avoid frustration. Why frustration? Because blender is awesome, and we swallow every bit of news about our favorite tool. The more you enjoy having a weekly VISUAL update (we learn better by looking at the thing than by just reading about it, even if someone else than us is touching it, so please try to show it more in action, Pablo, not just reading the diffs for us please), the bigger the disappointment when there is none - without a hint why or when. I once was addicted to Pablo’s show, but the reliability went down quite a bit since then, and i went through all those feelings when one takes away your drug. It was a painful process, but i am clean now. Please give me reasons to get addicted again, Pablo.
…and get well soon, Pablo!