USD support in a near future

Hello, I don’t know if I am at the right place but we are Thinking using Blender as our main 3d app for a future game.

We are wondering if Blender Devs consider to Support USD files in a near future. Mabe right after the Gold version ?

If you any of you have an Idea about it, it would be amazing.


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No plans that i’m aware of, but patches are always welcome, for game assets i think fbx and gltf are popular choices though which both are supported.

Fbx is good. But USD is very efficient it support multiple artists / devs on a same file and is very handy For larger dev team.

I am pretty sure you guys are all aware about how it works. You have much bigger stuff to think, while 2.8 is in development. I was just wondering if in the end you were planning something about it.

Anyway you made me Fall in love with this 3d tool 1 year ago and I personally can’t go back to anything else.

Thanks and good luck!

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Maybe it’s a good project for you to integrate it inside Blender, as a programmers company you have the ability, it should not bee too much effort to start with a small implementation that fits your needs and after that publish it publicly so other devs can also collaborate with you.

In my experience this is one of the best things Blender have, since you can access the source and modify it, you can work in your tools not as a plugin, but as a feature of the main package, after that you can share you’r developments or not, but in general sharing them benefits everyone, as others will share their developments too, and in the end if it’s useful enough it will end up being integrated in master :slight_smile:


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I believe you a right we are currently balancing our though were you put our energy were to put our money. Some want c# but they can live without it. USD for us is not a sure thing also. Everything is on the table .

Currently I am the blender guy. I might have to teach how it is working to some long time Maya/max users won’t be an easy thing. Still nothing is sure until it is sure.

So If USD was there a minimum, I am pretty sure that we would bring it to the next level.

If anyone Is doing it please let me know
If then else :wink:

A bientôt

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USD has also a Google group maybe they can also help:!forum/usd-interest.

One important thing is that Blender for long term maya/max users is not hard to learn, it’s funny but the learning curve in blender is a bit hard in the beginning, but after a week or so everything goes smooth as silk, but you have to force them to NOT use Max or Maya at all, not even for a simple task, in fact it’s pretty easy for them to learn it once that first week is done, but they will need a person to guide them through the first steps.

BTW: I have a close friend that started to play and work with Blender some months ago, he is character animator at Sony (I don’t know if it was Image Pictures or Animation… he did Spiderverse LOL) and he says that with 2.8 the adaptation from Maya to Blender is easy and comfortable, and he really likes Blender now :slight_smile:


As some people might notice there is already a test for implementing USD

I found this USD cookbook @sybren :slight_smile:


You can also follow Sybren’s work on his Twitter page: