Upgrade Vulkan adaptation priority please

Unless my math is bad, fund contributions for the last 2 weeks have been enough to add 4 more developers. Nvidia people people have received much improvement the last year (a good thing) while non- CUDA users are the "little brother on a date: receiving a disproportionate share of specific non CUDA improvement. Now that their are more developers I don’t think it unreasonable to ask for a higher priority on Vulcan with updates so we don’t have wait until v.2.24.

More importantly, It is more in line with Blender’s Open Source philosophy which lately has made Blender strictly (and understandably) NVIDIA dependent.

Please emphasize Vulcan conversion substantially in the near future.

Do you know it’s called vulKan ?

Yes, but I wasn’t very careful when I wrote it. Thanks for the tip.

From the announcement tweet:

I also hope to raise the priority of this task, so many months have passed without even seeing a breakdown plan.

Can’t we at least see a progress update? Even though it’s been only 5 mos. I’d like to hear SOMETHING. :slightly_frowning_face.

Just curious what does Vulkan offer than Opengl besides performance?
Do the Devs really want to jump ship? because I am afraid that we might sacrifice Devs time for something that will bring little benefit overall.

Better multi-platform blender support, as well as multi-platform cycles GPU acceleration and eevee performance improvements, Apple’s opengl support for mac has not been updated for many years, causing blender to have many hard-to-resolve bugs on the mac platform. Vulkan can solve this problem. Or the ARM-based platform SOC GPU usually supports vulkan and Opengl ES, but does not support opengl. Transitioning to vulkan can run blender on more platforms. There are plans to support vulkan long before amd sponsors the blender foundation, and the transition from opengl to vulkan is a matter of time.