Updating the Cycle Baker to fit Game Dev needs

When used for video game development, the current cycle baker is lacking Metallic, Roughness channel and a way to Combined channels. There are other things, user experience wise, that could be made easier also.

The solution I found for now is to use the plug-in Principled Baker:

You can see how I used it to make PBR maps that are working with Unity here:

I am just wondering if it would be possible to port the work made by Daniel Enger to Blender?
Is such a feature something that the Blender’s team would be happy to merge?
What would be the main challenges to port it? in terms of integrating the code, and in terms of UI?
Do you think that it would be nice first contribution for me? or I should start with something smaller?

In terms of UI, to add more options to the baker will automatically make the tool Properties Editor very busy. Is that something we are happy with?

:slight_smile: Let me know what you think

There is a batch to overhaul the baking process in blender. But you never know when it lands in blender.
Here is the link maybe give feedback when needed… https://developer.blender.org/D3203