Unable to build Blender with Embree

I’m trying to compile Blender with Embree after running install_deps.sh but I get the “embree3/rtcore.h: No such file or directory” as shown in the screen shot below:

Before building I set the CMake flag WITH_CYCLES_EMBREE to ON. Is there something else I should do to compile Blender with Embree?

Hi, I use prebuild libraries from Intel or build myself.
Anyway, check if rtcore.h is on your system and where.
I use cmake-gui to setup, check if embree include path is set correctly.

Cheers, mib

@mib2berlin Well running install_deps.sh builds Embree from scratch. Shouldn’t that resolve the issue?

@mib2berlin I think I figured out the issue. I had to manually pass --with-embree and --build-embree flags to install_deps.sh. I’m going to try it now.


I could compile Blender with Embree after passing the flags to install_deps.sh

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