UI-editable custom properties for vertices, edges, etc - is it possible?

Hi thar. New here and looking into blender to develop an addon for semi-procedural world generation.

For this, I need to attach some extra UI-editable information to vertices and the like – i.e. you click on a vertex in edit mode and get a Panel to control the associated custom properties. I’ve looked for days now but can’t seem to find a way to pull this off.

I am aware of bpy.props, but according to the docs those only work for subclasses of ID, Bone and PoseBone – none of which are in the mro of bpy.types.MeshVertex, aside from the fact that I didn’t even find types corresponding to single instances of edges and faces.

This brings me to my question: Is what I described even possible?

And, if not – would someone be willing to give me a bit more time and look for an alternative way I can accomplish what I need with blenders API?

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