Two enhancement requests, (manipulators and static hotkeys)


I have two suggestions/requests/enhancements, whatever you want to call them. :slight_smile:

The first is with the manipulators (move, rotate, scale). I am learning blender after years of working with Maya, and one thing they have which is super useful are planes associated with the transformation manipulators. These allow you to move, scale, rotate only in certain planes (XY, YZ, XZ). they allow you to move in any of the two axis, without moving in the third axis. If Blender has a way to do this, it is not obvious.

The second are hotkey/shortcuts for entering vertex/edge/face modes while in edit mode. I know there is ctrl+tab to bring up a menu, but that is still too slow. A one key punch is, IMO, much faster. Maya using F10 for vertex, F11 for Edge and F12 for face. There are others but those are the main ones. I believe something like this would help speed things up.

Thank you for taking this into consideration and reading my post.


Blender default key map for 2.80 uses 1 key for verts, 2 for edges, and 3 for faces. To move on a plane hold the shift key while you drag the gizmo arrow associated with the axis not on the plane. For instance, shift-drag x to move on the yz plane. If you use shortcuts instead of active tools, use g then shift-x todo the same move.

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I will give the shift option a try, but the planes showing would make it a little more obvious.

Iā€™m still in 2.79, I give the 1,2,3 keys a try when I get 2.8 installed. I just assumed it would be the same.

Thank you for the response, it is appreciated.

Yeah. The planes are there in the 2.80 move tool. Most of the functionality of 2.79 is now stable in the 2.80 beta. You should give it a try.