Tweak and Drag preferences, are they the same now?

I have been working on the Lclick workflow and found the new possibilities of the “click drag” feature. It opens doors. So much so that I could make the animation editors work with a single click for timeline dragging and keyframe editing, a godsend to me and my animator friends.

The only tweaks I had to do after setting it up was changing drag to be higher than tweak.

Tweak is by definition a small movement, sensitive, and drag is a larger movement by definition. I found changing these to reflect those settings improved the system and predictability and made single click workflows very visual and powerful.

But now the tweak pixel sensitivity is fixed/hidden and drag sensitivity the only one I can modify? How do I know it is higher than tweak?

What is the tweak sensitivity setting and where can I access it? Why was it removed? Where is it now?

Please put it back…