Translation path for submodules on Windows 10 Blender 2.8 Build?


Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong when I do a daily build… i no longer get the add -on but get this message (attached). I have deleted and reinstalled CMAKE…no help…


Looks like you did not check out the submodules, please follow our building guide here on how to get them.


Thanks for the response! Those are the directions I have used and had previously worked even after the the merge to “Master” - not sure what I am doing differently or why the submodules are not pulled down (for about a month now) any longer…will try again! Appreciate your insight…

Went back and tried again…same “response” - nothing…see attached please…Thnx

again…not sure what I am missing…


no idea what is wrong, but it’s suspicious that there is no output from git at all when you run those commands