Transform tools in freeform mode need to respect transform orientation


usability of transform tools in Blender was always significantly hampered by the fact that non-gizmo based transform actions do not properly respect the transform orientation setting, requiring frustrating amount of steps to actually force the use of correct transform orientation desired by user. This is especially problematic in cases such as when a few quick transform tweaks in local space have to be performed in rapid succession. This design flaw has unfortunately carried over to 2.8, so I think it’s finally time to fix it.

Instead again making a long wall of text no one apparently bothers to read, I’ve instead made a video showcasing the issue in practice and proposing a solution to fix it:

Thank you.

Come on… really? No one cares about something so serious? This can save every Blender user up to hours of work every month, yet it seems like everyone is concerned about how many shiny themes will 2.8 ship with… :roll_eyes:

i am a new user & i think this is a fantastic idea, however this probably requires significant change in the code and the devs are busy for beta release maybe 2.81 or 2.82… i am not a coder so don’t take my word for it…u should post it in right click select too .
here, this spawn from nowhere…i guess happy accident do happen they just need to figure out a good solution :slight_smile:

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YES! This has always bothered me.

made a small patch yesterday for this…

… turns out campbell already made this a while ago, but it got reverted in the end:

lets see where the discussion goes :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


any news on this?

@ideasman42 picked this topic up again and did some refactoring and changes:

it basically reverts the order of operations - but for consistency its not possible to do the global->local toggle anymore. I fear this change will make some people mad. While I do understand the intention, im not so sure if its really necessary to be that strict about it.

Hi, bumping this issue.

Due to the reversal of the patch, the new 2.8 Move, Rotate and Scale tools do not work correctly. If a user orientation is set, such as local, then the Move, Rotate and Scale gizmo is aligned with local axis. If you are in one of these tools, they have “Click anywhere” feature, which is clearly part of that tool - a tool which is clearly oriented by chosen user transform orientation. Yet, when you hold down MMB to align to the axis gizmo is oriented to, activated by click anywhere feature, it snaps to world axes instead.

This is really big problem and makes the new transform tools really confusing to use.

I find the current way for constraining to an axis very confusing and over complicated for an operation that is used so often.
I made a proposal I believe it can make this process much more efficient and solve issues that you mention.
Have a look at it. I wrote a proof of concept script that you can test.