Things I found weird/unintuitive in Blender(compared to other programs) . Add yours!

I’ve been using C4D for some time, recently I started learning Blender and observed how some functions -that I consider logic and basic- act weird on Blender.

-I can’t delete a hierarchy of items just by selecting the parent, causes all the objects inside to appear outside and breaks the scale. Also by default the eye hides only the parent, not the entire hierarchy(can be done holding SHIFT)
-An imported .FBX model with multiple textures/materials doesn’t get correctly interpreted in Blender, the same model works fine on C4D or Unity
-The camera when you get closer to an object, slows down, that’s expected, but this also happens when the object it’s hidden
-When doing remesh, maybe Blender could warn if the voxel detail it’s much different and allow to cancel the operation, avoiding crashes by introducing a voxel size too small. Seems common in Blender to “freeze” when it’s doing something without any progress bar or chance to abort

Other minor details:
-When opening a file(not .blend), must be done on “import” and you must select the type. C4D takes any file in open, if ain’t a project file, imports it detecting the format automatically
-When opening a different file, Blender asks you to close the current one, sure you can open another instance but feels kinda weird, like in the old times of web browsers not having tabs, good thing is that Blender itself it’s lightweight so doesn’t seem a problem to have multiple instances

I know some has been mentioned before, also I don’t have a lot of experience using Blender, just wanted to post what I think it can be improved

Which are yours?

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Not trying to be snarky or pick on you, but if you like the way C4D works, C4D works pretty much exactly like that. Use what works for you.

Note: To delete an object hierarchy, in the Outliner, Select Hierarchy; then delete.


Fbx has lots of bugs due to the closed nature of the format.
I plan to help with some of them after completing my current tasks.

Best way to solve problems may not be to pile them up.
Participating in design discussions can also be helpful to some extent.