These Pie menu's

Please allow me. I love Blender, I love the new 2.8, I love everything about Blender. But… the only thing I cannot get accustomed to are the Pie menu’s. They just don’t work for me.
With options all over the place they immediately make me loose focus on what I was doing, they’re giving me unnescessary eye strain and I hardly ever quickly find the option that I need. I must be old-fashioned but I try to avoid them as much as possible.

Now with Blender 2.8 I was able to erase the _pie extension from the keymap preferences which would give me a plain menu for most options but now with 2.81 this seems no longer possible. I’m not here to complain or start a discussion on usability but if it is somehow possible to reinstate the old linear menu’s and make the menu appearance a selectable preference setting I would be tremendously grateful. Thank you.

Hi @phaseIV,
What pie menus are you talking, most of the menus I see (RMB, the old special menus) aren’t pie menus, just regular ones. Only Tab, Ctr+Tab, . and , and a few others are pie menus, and those are relatively simple, at least in my few.
Can you share some screenshots?


I use Shift S all the time. Its driving me crazy. :neutral_face:

Well that is indeed annoying if you don’t like pie menus. I find them useful, press, drag release.

Nevermind me. This trick is still working. I am so happy right now!

WE have ask devs to make a global or individual option of pie menus. Because it is not normal that if you don’t like it you must to redone each hotkey.