The visual feedback of the interface must always be absolutely interactive: Let's talk about it and discuss it

I thought about this function for weeks, as if it had become an obsession and I came to the conclusion that even if all the memory was saturated, even if the computer is about to crash the visual feedback of the interface must always be interactive, it is a top priority !

The need for this feature made me think of some proposal that I have already posted on RighttClickSelect and gradually this idea and necessity has matured and evolved for a global expediency that regulates all types of blender interface interactions.

(EEVEE FPS settings) user interface that always has the priority of using resources

Interactivity of the manipulation of the objects and the properties of the shader for cycles also available with eevee

Powerful and simple algorithm which eliminates the lag when editing heavy and dense geometry models

Current problem: when the scenes full of objects or the objects full poligons start to become heavy enough to saturate the gpu the visual interface stops being interactive and manipulating objects begins to become tedious and inaccurate.

The obvious manual solution is to hide unnecessary objects and geometries or more generally disable functions that occupy resources.

The solution of my proposal is automatically “hide” or better temporarily freeze the use of the resources of the GPU or CPU those objects that are not in the foreground and make the visual interface unusable through an algorithm that manages this process automatically without the need for manual action.

When this algorithm should be running?
This algorithm should first check that the number of FPS or the number of busy resource cycles or something similar that blender can monitor, never falls below a certain threshold and in case the condition that the user interacts with the 'object or interface, and the number of “FPS” is lower than a certain threshold, then the algorithm activates a freeze in scale of the unneeded and non-foreground objects, a freeze of objects one by one starting from the farthest and least visible one until the correct number of FPS is re-established, allowing the right visual interactivity again.

When the click is released, the algorithm restores the original situation of the use of resources by the objects.

Let’s talk about
I would like you guys, perhaps more technically practical about development, to tell me your opinion if the architecture of blender can allow easily or less this proposal.

These are some examples of the current situation


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