Text Editor: Improvements

This is great! Thanks so much for improving the text editor. I couldn’t tell if this was included or not from the gif, but the one thing I would love to have with Auto Close is the ability to put parentheses or quote marks around the selected text instead of the default behavior of replacing the text with a quote mark.

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Yep, I was taking a look at this one, but I’m still grasping the ideas behind the code. That’s why I’m doing the “easier” ones first to get more comfortable with it!


Great to see the text editor getting some love! The one feature that I miss is the ability to copy and paste a whole line without selecting the text


I tried it out and now we’ve got this:

I’ve just sent this patch to be reviewed.


Amazing, thank you!!!


Was wondering if blender will add support for right-to-left support for languages such as arabic and hebrew?

Unfortunately that’s a question I won’t be able to answer. That’s still a bit far from what I’m able to make at the moment.

That is on my long "to do” list of text output improvements, hoping to get to right-to-left ordering and font shaping within a year or so. Depends on how much I can get approved per release.

This would just be for display of RTL and proper shaping of complex languages. It would be a much different and separate step to improve entry of RLT though, and one that would have to come later. For an illustration of the complexities of that, try selecting portions of the following: 123اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ and know that your browser is doing it correctly.

I’d like to start working on this one, but I’m a bit lost as to where to add this code. Do you all have any pointers?

You will have to ask @ideasman42.

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Get / Set selected text Python API patch is out. It still needs to be reviewed though.