Swapping G,R,S to shift+G ,R,S for less keys/click selection

Selecting the 3 main control transformations with G,R,S only restrict those operations to free, thus non precise, movements, or only to axis constraints. No widgets are visible nor accessible.

It should be good to swap those old shortcut to shift+space G,R, S so that the new plain and basics controls with arrows and 2D plane constraints are immediately accessible with G,R or S.
No need to clik select or shift+space for transform operations that are daily used a hundred times.

In all other softwares, when you call a transform operation, you immediately get visual control through widgets.

i find this really terrible idea. there is more than enough changes in 2.8 that made it slower than 2.79 this would be another one…

also i tottaly don’t understand why u would want gizmo… when u are useing G/R/S since u already activated tool and it responds to whatever u type or move mice.


It’s a matter of swapping shortcuts, i don’t see the link with the slowdown of blender.

Maybe i used a wrong term, i am talking about the visual arrows/rotation/scale controls that are essential when you manipulate objects.
Pressing g and then x,y or z are ok once, but in a big scene where you to tweak and adjust many times it’s a very approximate way to do.
Just call the transform operation, adjust with the controls and that’s it.
There was a global transform tool that was removed a few weeks ago, which gathered the 3 main operators, but i remenber that it was not accessible through an single key shortcut.

i get you but trust me such workflow is slower. i have been on both sides, i am doing 3D since over 10 years. and… G/R/S and after that axis and value is best and fastest workflow. also if u want to do many operations useing gizmo that have all features like rotation scaleing and moveing… and u want to acces this all the time simply set your viweport like this.

Indeed, that’s what i was looking for. No need to switch shorcuts then…
Thank you, i have missed this option.