Suggestions on topic for Master's Thesis on Blender

Hi there!

I am going to enter my Master’s thesis in a few short months, and before that I need to either accept previously proposed thesis, or I could propose a theme for my “mentor”, and if he agrees, he can propose the topic to the university, and then work can begin!

I love Blender, and I thought it would be really interesting to maybe support this project in a substantial manner, like a thesis for some part of Blender. However, I’m a bit lost to see what exactly could be done (that isn’t already being done, or is going to be done by the developers).

It would be a 4 month, full time thesis, so that gives me a lot of time to learn new subjects. This means that a suggestion could be regarding any topic, I am fascinated by this area, and everything seems to be quite interesting!

The most important thing to the suggestion is that it’s an hypothesis that can be validated. Without this it cannot be considered a thesis, and therefore cannot be accepted by the mentor.

Please send some suggestions about what you would like to see improved, it would really help out a lot!

Hi mate, awesome that you’re thinking about to dedicate you masters thesis to blender.
Don’t feel lost, let me presume you know it from your bachelors thesis that getting the stone rolling is the hardest. You’ll get there :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please give us some more background information.

  • What is your field of study / expertise?
  • In that field what are your priorities, strengths, interests…
  • Topic of your previous thesis, if relevant…

Blender and open source is such a vast topic, with many angles to look from. Think we need to narrow it down a bit more to get you some good help :wink:

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Hi there, and thank you for your response! I am taking a Masters in Informatics Engineering, so I have a good chunk of code under my belt!

I haven’t had a bachelor’s thesis here, we only have a thesis for our Masters.

Regarding topics of interest, well it’s almost too large! I love animation, optimizing, sculpting, and I would love to have a deeper understanding of Raytracing too!

One thing I think would be really nice now that I think of it is Raytracing Eevee. It would however be a monumental undertaking for a single man, and I don’t know if that’s something to even be desired in the long run! Since Blender is already a colossal beast, I would like to help in a way that would contribute to the larger community.