Suggestion: press shift for add multiple loopcut at one time

There are many cases where we need to assign multiple loop cut at the same time especially to add segments with a certain precision and to speed up modeling times.

I suggest adding the possibility to press the shift key to assign more loopcuts at one time
(I hope it’s a not too complicated feature to add, it looks like something powerful without too much effort) #LoopCut


You can add more loopcuts with mouse scroll wheel. :thinking:

Or do you want something else?

I have uploaded a more understandable image, tell me if it is clear now what I propose

Ok, I understand now. Thank you

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never saw this idea before, so basically you want to mark multiple cuts before committing them!

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exactly, so I can position more “loopcut’s edge’s” more precisely at the same time and add edges and so on with high precision and fast

something similar already happens in the bevel tool

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i think it’s a genius idea, lets hope the devs can do it.

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Hmm, this sounds nice, but by the time you’re “marking” the cuts you should be already “committing” the cuts.
So not sure if it would speed things up. :thinking:

it’s a need, some things can be done precisely in this way only

is something similar to the bevel tool when you select multiple polygons or points or segments and then implement the bevel and assign changes via the parameters

indeed, the definition of @Znio.G is more correct:
basically mark multiple cuts before committing

i think what it will be useful for is if you have something like chandelier and you want to add a precise cuts on different parts then adjust all cuts parameters simultaneously after ur model is already finished…it gives you more control than a single cut for each side.

exact, for all those types of objects that have kaleidoscopic shapes
but also for other objects in general

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