Suggestion on Retopology interface

I am new to blender and I tried to use retopology tools like F2, speedretopo etc. I find the interface is not very good compare to 3D coats, in the following area:

  1. the color of the edges and the face by default are very similar to the snap object. we have to adjust by manual but still the results are always not very good.

  2. when we are doing retopology i cannot say 100% but atleast 90% of the time we do not want to touch the backface vertices… they is some ways we can find on the internet showing us how to ignore the back backface but i think it will be nice if the retopology interface to be more human touch.

  3. it is not easy to create new separated vertices.

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I agree. There should be easier retopo workflow in blender.

This is for feedback on code-quest development, not feature requests - closing.