Suggestion: cursor tool dropdown menu

Select border, scale, annotate has a dropdown menu and the cursor has not? weird.
It is a must feature to add before the beta release!

Let me know what you think.


You missing part that this new T panel is active tool selection…
While commands you listed aren’t active tools but instant commands :3

Hmmm… You are right.
But still i think it will make life so much easier regardless if they part of an active tool or not.
Blender can make an exception.

More than that, i think Blender should do the same with the object origin and add it to the menu. :wink:

Scrapping that active tool abomination would make life even more easier :#


It could be added to the Topbar when the Cursor-Tool is selected instead. This way the active tool design would stay consistent. I know the Topbar is supposed to be “Settings for the active tool only” and not operators - but this specific case could be an exception imo.

Except it isn’t a setting of cursor-tool
If we go with “exception” i rather have “exception” in pointless active tool design.