Submiting reviews, feasibility of a feature

I am quite a newbie at submitting patches, sorry if the answer to this question is obvious.

Anyway, I’ve been working on this feature for blender mainly because I’ve researched the subject and felt ready to dive into it.

This feature has been proposed a few times in the past, and since the implementation is easy, I guess its a good start.

I assume its too hard to make dyntopo support quads so, I did a triangle variation of this feature and called…


My Idea is to run a modified smoothing routine similar to Autosmooth but that aligns the vertices to the brush’s direction of movement while dyntopo rearranges the topology.

This is beneficial for sculpting in lower resolutions without loosing detail, in particular, Crease and Clay brushes gain a substantial sharpness and definition with Toporake (good for hard surface sculpting).

My question is: how likelly is for such a feature to be reviewed approved?

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