Subdivision causing lag in 2.8

Even though 2.8 comes with great features, it started having this disadvantage when using the subdivision surface on viewport mode. Decreasing quality render increases performance just a little bit, but obtaining the greatest performance while using this modifier is by setting the subdivision to 0 in viewport mode, but that won’t allow me to see how it would look like in render mode, so I always have to render myself to see the results.( this kind of issue happens on complex meshes and objects such as user-made characters or the monkey head)
This kind of problem doesn’t happen in 2.79.
Please fix this in the next beta update

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You could just use google to find out why subdiv modifier is so slow right now, a lot of people asked about this already. In short, new OpenSubdiv is not fully implemented yet.

Does anyone know when this will be fully implemented because right now is still painfully slow.