Status of Particle System

Can anyone tell me what the status of the particle system is. I was considering making some changes to it (, but 2 years ago i was told that the particle system was likely going to be replaced so it wasn’t a good time.

Relatedly, how do I find out if a proposed feature would be accepted. I thought inserting a feature request was in appropriate as i’m proposing doing the work myself.

Well, the particle system is going to be reworked at some point for sure.

Probably @jacqueslucke is the right person to ask since he is prepairing the Everything Nodes initiative.


It’s still going to be replaced, but not much work on it has happened during 2.80 development. The everything nodes project is intended to tackle this after 2.80 though.

To find out if a proposed feature would be accepted, just ask on this forum.

I’m also interested to know the status of the development of the new particle system and possibly help with its development. Please feel free to contact me via PM, to chat or discuss regarding this or any other part of blender, in regards to making game environments specially.

I have provided some feedback regarding the current one here: Feedback regarding the Particle System used for Grass

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