Some questions regarding Spacebar menu in 2.8


As realestate is rare for hotkeys and panels have changed, I’m curious to know is it or will it be possible to extend the new Spacebar context based menus with python(for addons) to keep everything concise for user. For example envision Looptools (Circle, Relax etc) added to Edit mode space menu. Also how strongly can it be customized (e.g can image previews be added, a row split into many columns etc). If it’s possible can you please provide an example how to extend Edit space menu.

Additionally if i choose some op (e.g Bevel) from Space menu, ideally I would expect operator to execute (as in Maya), instead of requiring me to further click on mesh. This is subjective, but it has a drag on workflow and I am just wondering if there is some toggle anywhere which allows instant execution of Spacebar ops.

Thank you