Solid passes are lost in blender 2.8

Hi to all, I’m here because I have some oldest scenes where I used the old internal render engine, and with Blender 2.8 I can’t see where I can activated the render passes, of solid in cycles or Eevee, I ask that because Blender remember the setting of old rendering engine now suppressed and when I open these files the rendering was blank. below a sample of this case.
And to get around this I have to open my files with Blender 2.79 and go to the layer settings and include solid rendering and save the file and then I can open in Blender2.8

a rendering with the 2.81a

EEVEE does not have such thing.
For Cycles, under View Layer Tab, Open Filter Panel. Solid was renamed Surfaces.

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Thanks for help, you saved my some of my old scenes.