Snap through object in X-Ray mode issue

I been trying today switch on work to new 2.81 - what I found is that snapping stop working through objects when X-Ray value = 1. On <=0.999 it work ok.

I also checked 2.80 and current alpha 2.82 - thing work in same way. Is that some " new conception " how things should work or this is bug? I ask because I skipped 2.8 so don’t really know adout all " conceptual " changes.


I talk about this (on GIFs cursor in wrong sosition because of different monitors… )


2.81 ( same in " clear " version without any customizing )

Guys please don’t say that it’s such feature to turn OFF snapping through on X-Ray = 1 ( as I suspect because it work in same way in two released versions 2.80, 2.81 and in 2.82 alpha ). I need this 1 for X-Ray. Any other values is impossible to use in work… Just look at this.