Small feedback with a small question regarding Axis locking!


I have been learning blender since the past few years 2.7x era, it took me awhile to adjust since i have to use also other programs but i got the hang of it.
i understand the changes that are being made for the 2.80 version and so on but i think some of the UI changes were a bit extreme at least for productivity like the position of the addons, tools shelf now Active tools and the N shelf which will be a huge problem… this is not a complain but in my humble opinion, one of blender’s strengths is the unorthodox methods that provides so lets not lose that in the process, it’s nice to make it “easy” for newbies to learn like i had to but we don’t stay beginners for too long and later we want to do things faster & better…i have confidence that both blender developers and Artists will sort this out in the future as 2.8x versions get more polished.
now for my question, recently i bought a wacom tablet to improve my work & health as i am a left handed user however i wanted to map the MMB for Lock Axis when transforming to another key
as my Pen’s MMB is mapped to undo so i won’t have to reach to Ctrl+Z for it and the same for Alt Gr(aph) it works but you can’t lock view when u rotate , the problem i couldn’t it the in the input editor or anywhere else besides single or planar axes, so i assume it’s hard-coded ,i am asking the developers to expose it for us left-handed users who really have difficult times when using any other software including blender, we are a minority and always marginalized
and i know it’s hard to maintain another keymap for a small portion of people but these little changes will help tremendously and we can make the keymap and maintain it for ourselves.

thank you for reading!

it’s shame after a whole week , this issue didn’t get any attention from either the users or the developers, i guess i am one drop in the ocean.
well my last resort is then to find a way to contact @Ton himself :frowning: and get the problem across.

the main concern of the project at the moment as i can see its to clean bugs as much as possible for the oficial release that it should be in days unless devs consider that a RC 3 its needed, this kind of discussions are going to be probably resumed after siggraph, when the Bcon1 period starts again, im not developer but you choose a really particular time to bring this subject into the table
^_ ^
If i where you ill wait a few more weeks its kinda crunchier times at the moment in the blender world.

okay i’ll wait until 2.80 is released.