Site recommendations and suggestions

Starting this topic for people to leave feedback on the site itself. Looking for comments such as what you think of the name “devtalk”, or particular settings that would be nice to have turned on or off, etc.


It would be useful to have a way to easily link to tasks, commits and patches. Like the {{GitCommit|12315f4d0e0ae}} template in the Wiki for example.

Seems like there isn’t an add-on available for this, although it should be rather easy to write one, see

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Interesting idea. I wonder about further expanding that (obviously) to include svn and bugs, possibly with something like:

{{git|112233445566778899}} // Git commit mapped to URL
{{svn|998877665544332211}} // Svn commit mapped to URL
{{bug|12345}} // Phab bug number

Edit: One concern I have, however: who is going to maintain this (ruby?) code? The problem with the wiki is someone wrote a bunch of stuff…then left. Now were stuck with it and can’t upgrade. This at least would be easy to disable, but still could break the site over time during upgrades.