Should there be a separate workboard for gizmos, modals, and keymaps?

My thought process behind grouping gizmos, modals, and keymaps is that most of the tasks that involve them fit the general category of Input and Interaction. These tasks can kinda-sorta fit into the UI module, but UI team’s workboard is full enough that I’m wondering whether it’d help to setup a separate project and workboard for I&I on Phabricator.

A related question I have is whether it’d be helpful to create support tasks for the design tasks in this category. Interaction design tends to be an iterative process, and I’ve noticed that design tasks tend to lose momentum when they reach a point where they can’t iterate effectively without some sort of intermediary feature implementation. Support tasks (read: tasks that make it easier to iterate on and compare designs by extending the python API and/or adding options through the Experimental tab) could help with that, and they’d create an additional avenue for contributors who want to pitch in on design tasks.