Shortcut to show user preferences

Back in 2.79 there was ctrl+alt+u to show user preferences,
Is there any chance to see a shortcut coming back in 2.8?

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Please! I don’t see any reason to not have the shortcut. An unused shortcut doesn’t hurt a new user who doesn’t know about it, and it saves time for the people who want it.

Every program has a shortcut for preferences, Blender should too. The situation is best on macOS where there is a clear standard of CMD comma, but I think CNTRL SHIFT comma is a thing on Linux?

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I have same problem that both, but you can configure the shorcut in five seconds and it’s true that new users don’t need it and a clear keyboard is better.


Very weird decision the removal of that shortcut. Makes no sense.
In fact it even deserves a more quicker shortcut than 2.7’s.

Okay this solve my problem, but i still think it’s a weird decision, customization in blender is everything should be easy to access even for begginer and as @HooglyBoogly pointed it’s a very standart feature.

Well, in this thing we haven’t lost the customization, like in other parts of the program.

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Preferences is Cmd+comma, just like any other app.

There’s no Cmd on Windows, nor it work with Ctrl or Alt. Not sure how you got this to open the preferences.
Also I don’t know of any app using a modifier in combination with comma to open the preferences. :thinking:

All apps use Cmd+comma to open Preferences. It’s the standard. Finder, Safari, Pixelmator Pro, Final Cut Pro, Mail, Xcode, I could go on forever.

This must be something in the OSX world then, cuz there’s no such thing in the Windows world.

Look at those apps for example:
Photoshop/Illustrator = ctrl+k
After Effects = ctrl+alt+;
Cinema 4D = ctrl+e
Chromium based web browsers = alt+p
Etc, etc…

There’s no standard here.

Actually, Chrome uses Cmd-comma too, just like Blender:

Anyway, as for a Windows-specific hotkey, we could implement whatever the standard is on Windows.

That’s the thing, there’s no standard in Windows.
Like, Chrome on Windows doesn’t not even have a shortcut for preferences, while the rest of the Chromium based web browsers (Opera etc) use Alt+P.

So I guess you’ll have to pick a random shortcut or just bring back the old Ctrl+Alt+U like in 2.7.

Any news on this?
It’s no biggie for me since making a custom shortcut is just 2 clicks away but I wonder why this shortcut should only exist on mac by default.

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Come on man. this is a major overlook. :disappointed:

I’m not clear who this is addressed to.
If it’s for me, excuse my ignorance but there’s no indication that a shortcut exists for this in Blender’s User Preferences.
If it’s not for me but for the developers, I don’t think it’s that big a deal though.

Of course it’s not you.

For any weary traveler looking for an answer to this then maybe I can help,
Edit > Right click on Preferences > Assign Shortcut
I have mine on Alt + Home😊