Shortcut customizations

I think it’d be real nice if we had a way to set up our own shortcuts in some of the ways you’ve set them up to try out in 2.8. things like hold and move or double tapping keys.

i really liked having the pie menu on tab + mouse movement after i got used to using it. i never have liked hitting ctrl + tab or shift + tab for that matter. it always felt awkward to me.

but i haven’t found a way to set that pie menu back up as tab + mouse movement.

i also really liked having search on space,space and i haven’t figured out a way to do that either.

f3 is a little out of reach for me and having to move my hand off of the typing row when i’m about to type annoys me. as a side note i can’t seem to press space,F3 to enable search through the popup menu it appears on. (on windows at work, haven’t tried it on linux at home yet)

i could set search back to space alone as i’m not going to be using the menu to select an active tool since i won’t be changing that enough to warrant it having a hotkey or even using hotkeys to change the active tool like the menu enables but personally i like keeping my keys as close to default settings as i can.
i’m sure the developers have noticed themselves that when you start changing hotkeys in programs as complex as blender it gets very easy to create a chain reaction of having to change hotkeys.

I agree with the tab+move idea. I would really like to have my mode switching that way. It seemed really intuitive and fast. At least it would be good to have access to the hold a key + drag behavior for setting our own keys. Double press shortcuts would be nice to have access to as well.

@DaedalJS @DanPool Hi Guys, I posted a solution to get back Tab + Drag-Mouse for Mode Switch Pie on BA Forums. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

BA - Tab + Drag-Mouse for Mode Pie Menu

As for Re-Assigning Spacebar as Search. Here are the steps.

  1. Edit > User Preferences > Search
  2. Click on the drop-down next to search, select Name and type Search
  3. You will have 1 entry under Window for Search Menu > F3
  4. Click on the button which has the hotkey. (F3) and it will say Press Any Key
  5. Hit Spacebar on the keyboard.
  6. This won’t work immediately as the Toolbar is also bound to Spacebar. We need to disable that or move it to another key.
  7. Click on the drop-down next to search, select Key-Binding and type Spacebar
  8. This will show you both entries under Window section. Toolbar & Search Menu
  9. Un-Check the box next to Toolbar, this will disable it.
  10. Enjoy Spacebar as your new Search. :slight_smile:


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that helps for sure. seems so obvious now but i guess i just didn’t think to click the expand button when i was looking for a way to set that back up.

Glad it worked. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you guys with. Will try my best. :slight_smile: