Selection Mode only for Blender 2.8's 3D viewport

I’d have a quite simple but very useful feature suggestion Blender could have in 2.8.

It would be safe to have an additional “selection mode” where you can’t move, rotate or scale your object, mesh, bone, armature, lamps, cameras etc. in the viewport.

Especially important in edit mode when you’ve finished your modeling phase, and starting UV unwrapping. So, you could just mark sharp edges, seams and other properties of your object/mesh. Then start working on your UVs back and forth between 3D viewport and UV image editor. Another useful example scenario is for weight painting, where you may go to the edit mode to select your vertices, edges or polygons to assing precise values for weights via vertex groups. Also selecting objects from the viewport is safer than always going to the outliner.

Basically the idea is to avoid accidental unwanted transformations in the viewport on a finished work, or whenever you feel like using extra caution.

I made a small mockup to describe this (It’s from Blender 2.79’s UI, but you’ll get the idea):

Or it could be a different button to disable transformations in the viewport.

This is similar to 3ds Max’s or Maya’s selection mode when pressing Q. I’ve used Maya a bit recently, just for rigging and weight painting, and I really liked the pure selection mode, and I felt working accident-free in that way.

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Oh, my apologies, I realized too late that someone else suggested here something, and there was similar response. Sorry, I’ll go to the dedicated website for suggestions then. Thanks.