Selection highlighting UV in 2.91 different then in 2.90

anyone noticed this changes?
Is it bug or new “design”?
If the second then it’s regression.
We can’t now recognize what is exactly selected, with this lines at the end of vertices:
Comparison 2.90 and 2.91:

BUT if I enable UV Sync in 2.91 faces become like in 2.90 but only faces

So is it bug or where is consistency?
Or this lines can be disabled somewhere? I wish it can be…

I wish too. And for everything (3d viewport and stuff…).
I don’t know why they exist, it just gets in the way and clutter everything.

Also look at this, the finale!
2.90 UV Sync On and Off

2.91 UV Sync On and Off

Did you see the difference? So weird…

Perhaps some stuff changed in the theme settings?
How does it look with the default theme? (factory settings)
Also you should do yourself a favor and use the deep grey theme. The default theme looks like crap lol.

With all defaults.
Can you tell me what is selected (verts or edges)? =)

and now in 2.90

this is a rhetorical question.

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Another comparison with lines.
In 2.90 it look more uniform.
Is it related that in 2.91 UV lines have AA which can not be increased/disabled?
It seems only for Display As “Black”