Select circle miss a lot of selection when moving too fast

I find that you have to drag very slowly to be accurate with select circle.
it is even worse when selecting edge when you’ve got a small tool radius.
I guess there is some kind of “raycasting rate” that is too slow to pick thing up.
thanks for your help.


barely use that becuase its too slow and it defeats the purpose


I agree with the first comment, it misses some faces (in edit mode) if you move the cursor too fast, but it’s still usable when used slower.

But I agree, there is room for improvements.

Still an issue in Blender 3.0 unfortunately, had hoped they’d fixed it by now

hrm, surprised nobody has done anything with this yet- it’s just a matter of interpolating the mouse position. I don’t personally use circle select since I wrote my own raycast select operator, but mine interpolates mouse positions to avoid ‘skipping’. I added in some debug info to show how one would theoretically fix circle select if they were so inclined:

the yellow dots are actual mouse positions on a given frame, the magenta dots are interpolated positions based on mouse velocity. As you can see, when I disable interpolation only a few faces get selected. with interpolation enabled, there are no gaps. This is all done in python with BVH raycasts so it’s not particularly performant on dense geometry (see my other thread for how I hope we can someday overcome that problem- @brecht here’s an example of where that screen-space picking would enable more python developers to solve problems :slight_smile: )

In case it’s not clear- mine will hitch the more it has to interpolate (more interpolation == more raycasts), the built-in selection tools would not have this problem because they do not use raycasts.


And here’s circle select on that same mesh, with more or less the same mouse gestures. ooof… yeah that is not a great selection experience.