Search nodes broken in (EDITED) certain custom configurations

Hey there, search results are empty and not working in the shader editor. For me at least. Anyone else experiencing this?

Blender 3. Alpha Node Search broken

works fine for me under win10 with the current build from oct17th

OK, I am using an ARM build for Mac.

It works well on Intel builds for Mac. For bugs better to use instead.

Thanks for the replies. I dug a little deeper. After resetting to the default config, search is working again – on Intel as well as ARM builds for Mac.

So the new question is: what part of a custom config could break the search?

Hi. I had the same problem. I disabled Addon > “Material : Lighting Boy Shader” and it solved the problem for me.

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Interesting finding! I’ll try it, since I actually do have the shader installed, too. Thanks!