Sculpting brushes improvements status?

Any news about sculpting tools updates or improvements in Blender 2.8?
Do you have any plans to continue or remake projects from GSoC 2017 called “Sculpting Tools - Raja Kumar Kedia” (Clipping brush and Topological Grab/Move brush along with Suggestive Contour Brush) and “Sculpting Tools - Sebastian Witt” (additive Silhouette Brush)? These ones could make really great boost to migrating from other sculpting software for sure.


Sad but i don’t think they planned to improve sculpting yet. i remembered that Vazquez once mention that Blender with will have “sculpt pose” i believe that feature will behave like tranpose tool in Zbrush.

Currently, 2.8 is not at a state that allows to test more important sculpting improvements.
In theory, multiresolution modifier should have its bugs solved. But in practice, modifiers have no effect in other modes than Object mode, for the moment. So, we can not test that, today.
2.8 have same improvements made in master compared to 2.79b.

A 2D falloff option for brushes.

And a new method for dynamic topology called manual detail to use only detail flood fill operator but without subdividing mesh on the fly at each stroke.

It may be a feature that is absolutely not related to sculpting.
Developer of animation system is also a developer of new grease pencil. And before that, he did experiments with posing of armature. It is a feature that allows to pose a character by hovering bones of its armature with mouse pointer. Rotating a chain of bones by using brushes named, grab, rotate, twist like in sculpt mode but to pose armature, not to sculpt a mesh.