Sculpt Gesture Tools - Feedback

this might be a crazy idea, but cant the curve (as seen in the stroke method) somehow be used as a tool to perform a slice?

that thing as a “gesture” tool would be pretty sweet :v:


Saw that you have begun working on the Stabilizer feature for the gesture tools. Excellent!


Though, I was wondering if it would ever be possible unify this entire feature for all tools by making it a toggable button with a sub-menu like how the Dyntopo feature currently works. Never been a fan of how this feature has been hidden away in a menu for brushes where you can’t see it being active or not.

Taking the features at the bottom of this menu:

Making them into this type of menu:

Unifying it for all tools would make for a more consistent and easier to use UI, don’t you agree?

Edit: Would be cool if the feature had both brush/tool specific settings and a global toggle setting like the one I suggested. Wouldn’t be that different from the Auto-Masking features with the global menu and brush specific settings.

Stabilizer is not always something you toggle on and off. Sometimes it is core part of custom brushes. It being brush property means you’re able to determine which brushes should be using it and how much. With brush assets coming it makes more sense than ever for them to stay that way.

Although I hope Shift-S shortcut for toggling stabilize stroke also works on gesture tools

If we’re already doing that with Auto-Masking with both brush specific and global settings, then I don’t see why it would be objectionable to have the same for Stabilizer. Plenty of art programs have the feature as global instead of individual brushes, so it makes sense to have that option as well instead of needing to go into every single brush and toggle it on or off.

I am not so sure about this, honestly.
The stroke stabilizer to me is definitely more of a per-brush-setting. Some brushes are applied much more direct and result in rougher surfaces while others are more on the side of hard surface and smooth lines. when switching between these I would want them to retain their respective settings.
I find this to be more beneficial to a fast and smooth workflow.

Constant on/off and strength toggling is certainly more tedious and should be avoided, IMO.

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I was about to say I prefer a global toggle for this. Brushes already have a toggle to keep a unique size/strength, I suppose this could be done with more parameters? In any case, as long as there’s an easily accessible hotkey for this, I won’t mind either way.


I think the general idea of a toggle for the stabilize settings across brushes and tools that use similar functionality is a good idea & before I submit a PR for the lasso stabilization I’ll certainly have an implementation for synchronizing it across those tools. Whether or not those settings gets pulled out from the rest of the brush options from the Stroke header would require further thought with regards to the overall brush settings. I don’t think this will be solved in the immediate future, as there is currently an inconsistency with how these options are displayed and organized (i.e. Auto-Masking settings vs the global / unique brush toggle for input samples, strength, etc)


I think this would fall under the idea of supporting some kind of curve gesture - I don’t think it would be immediately usable, but it would likely provide some good starting point for both expected behavior from a user perspective and implementation from the development side.


This is something that should come later actually, imo.
I mean, while this might be handy, in most sculpting apps, “stroke stabilization” is a per brush/tool setting, almost never global.
No point delaying the base feature because of that, imho.

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Is it even worth spending time on? Honestly how often do you change from crease brush to grab and say “wish I still had stroke stabilizer on”? It doesn’t make much sense to me to have it as global property. And I feel like if it was global right now people would ask for per-brush setting.

If you had to press the button to disable it everytime you press G to move something, and turn it back on after you change to clay brush you’d get annoyed. Having to enable it twice for two brushes is much less annoying than that.


Yes to both. Stroke stabilize is something that should definitely have a hotkey. :+1:

If I didn’t want it then I wouldn’t have asked for it. Not to mention the UI for brush settings need improvements and moving the Stabilizer out of this menu while allowing both per brush and global settings would make the UI cleaner and consistent across all tools in need of it beyond just Sculpt Mode.

As of now we have the Stabilizer in different places with the lasso selections getting its own Stabilizer independent from how brushes handle it. Having the feature be combined with other brush tool settings through a menu designed like Dyntopo would improve things in multiple ways:

  1. You can now always see if it is toggled on or off at a glance since the toggle is no longer hidden.
  2. You can click the button to activate it with just one click instead of two for brushes.
  3. It makes the feature easier to find for both brushes and tools.
  4. Making keyboard shortcuts would be consistent across multiple tools since they all use the same buttons.
  5. You can allow the toggle to be either brush specific or be overriden by having it affect everything globally. Toggling off the global setting would of course not ruin your brush specific settings for Stabilizer if done correctly.

Regardless, you still have your Stabilizer per brush feature. There is no downside to this suggestion that removes anything that was previously available. If you don’t want to use the global setting then just don’t use it.

That’s actually all that’s important. Stabilizer settings have to remain on a per brush setting. If they can additionally still be toggled overall is something I am really indifferent to.

In case you (or somebody else) don’t know, it already is bound to shift+S by default

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I’d say no. I can’t imagine a situation where I would like to turn on lazy mouse for all the brushes and tools at the same time.
But hey, people want what they want. :man_shrugging:

Just to be clear - work to unify behavior across all brushes and tools in some sort of separate header is outside of the scope of the proposed changes for this upcoming PR. The feedback that people generally expect per-brush settings for this is useful information; my initial intent for this stabilizer setting was that all lasso tools would share the same setting similar to the recently introduced Line Snap PR