Scrolling menus and navigation with touchscreen

Hi there, I use blender with a touch screen (surface pro 4) and it would be helpful if two things were implemented.

The first and simplest is allowing a drag to scroll through the menus instead of having to click on the scrollbar.

The second is using multitouch gestures to pan, zoom, and rotate the camera in 3d mode. for example pinching to zoom and rotate, and using one finger when in tablet menu mode to pan, like in photoshop and other similar programs. I know this one is a lot more complex and has probably been asked for before, but i just thought I’d bring it up to show another voice wanting this feature.

Thank you for your time

I’m with you.
This could help improve the implementation of the apple magic mouse with touch, tap and gestures and all laptop touchpads whatever brand.
After using the magic mouse as 3 button touch mouse I feel totally handicapped using an ordinary 3 button mouse, because of the lack of options via touch, taps, all directions scroll and gestures. Took a while to set it up via keymaps. Still some options not to 100% implemented yet, but…

Adding this input devices and proper functionality (touch, tap, gestures, win/mac/linux…) would be a huge improve of usability, creativity and streamlined workflow.
It’s like a 150% speed update for rendering!!
(And independent of CPU power :slight_smile: )