Screenshot guidelines

This is more of a question aimed at the doc makers: What are the guidelines for how screenshots are taken?

  • Sometimes callouts are orange roundrects:

  • Sometimes yellow squares are used:

  • Sometimes the surrounding part is dimmed and a white box is used:

  • Sometimes text is baked into the image:

  • All of these seem to be taken on low resolution displays.

Are there a set of guidelines or templates available for how screenshots should be taken for the 2.80 manual?


It seems we also use very different text and fonts when embedding into the images


I can’t seem to find anywhere that describes the correct, standardized approach here.

I don’t think there is a guideline for it currently. There should be though.

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Yay! Consistency suggested!

Since most, if not all, screenshots for the 2.79 manual are made by me:

  • the second image, in most cases this style is used,
    yellow with outer shadow for greater contrast,
    something like this style would be correct

  • the first image is left from the old wiki, just has not been updated,
    this is the wrong style

  • the third, unique case, dimmed and a white box because a yellow highlight
    on an orange background would be unnoticeable

  • in the fourth image, the pixel text was just copied (for some reason)
    from an old screenshot from the wiki

  • the last image is a SVG, so here are some web safe fonts

Yes, all 2.79 screenshots are in low resolution. It looks blurred on the high resolution display, but on the other hand, high-res screenshots will look bad on low resolution screens and have a larger file size. This needs to be discussed.

I think the biggest problem here is that those who write the docs are not able or don’t have time to create neat screenshots.

The main guidelines - default theme and UI scale. And try to match to other images for consistency.