Schematic view, a quick overview

I maded a video where i talk for a minute about schematic view compared with other programs. I hope can be usefull to think about it. Thank you!


Any update on this project? I am a new Blender user, long time Softimage user, very much missing the Schematic view.

They will probably never create it … At least I understand that users of BLENDER do not suffer from this lack … . What to say… maybe someday someone will create a addon… In any case it is a big shame. Technically speaking, the presence of the schematic window is essential when working on ULTRA COMPLEX RIG and I have often given up working with blender for this reason despite the fact that the rig
system is very elastic…I would really like to definitely switch to BLENDER but there are still too many things that are left to the legacy of the past, one of them is the interfacing of the rig system, with the layers still in blocks, with a limited number, without identifiers … I continue to appreciate the potential of BLENDER but seems to be evolving unevenly. So many things could be “standardized” … Ok, let’s enjoy what we have and it will be what it will be. Kepp patience :slight_smile: