Scene selection backgrund color highlight

is loads of issues to report on blender… but just this one seems so small… but when you select something what is the point in using a color like orange, to highlight a selected object when the very icon for that object is also orange? … like who does this?

The colors are so practically similar and it’s such a subtle effect that it’s almost impossible to visually see ‘quickly’ what is selected and might aswel not even have bothered with the background color highlight… seriously I’m not looking at radically contrasting colors here, but at least make it more visually obvious… better yet where does one go about changing this color… I’d go with something darker and more black honestly or just a better visual effect if possible.

Even the text could be better off with a bold font change and not just color brightness increase imo

I also wish those icons weren’t all orange.

But I was playing around with that code today, seeing if it can be made a bit clearer:

In the above there are two cameras, the first is default, the second is selected in the Outliner. There are are three mesh objects in the scene, two of which are selected. You should be able to easily tell which is active. Both are being edited as indicated by the color under the mesh icons to the right. There are two collections and it is the second that is active.

Note the the use of orange in this case for selected object text and the “editing” color is not related to the orange of the icons. Instead these colors are taken from my theme which uses those colors for selected object, active object, and face selection in the 3D editor.

If you compile on your own you can test the (experimental) patch here:

Thanks for picking this up, surprised how quickly somethings can move forward with improvements when someone knows the codebase and wants to actually make the change aswel… and yes a color change of the text is much more visually quicker to see a selected object, than the orange tint behind orange icon :slight_smile:

I’d still keep the background circle behind the icon to highlight it aswel but have the color just black(for darker themes) with opacity 50% or something and have the color change on the text.