Scene axis system and units of measure of cycles


Which axis system cycles uses?

Do I need to convert the fbx scene like below?

FbxAxisSystem SceneAxisSystem = fbx_scene->GetGlobalSettings().GetAxisSystem();
  FbxAxisSystem OurAxisSystem(
      FbxAxisSystem::EUpVector::eZAxis, FbxAxisSystem::EFrontVector::eParityOdd, FbxAxisSystem::eRightHanded);
  if (SceneAxisSystem != OurAxisSystem) {

What is the unit of measure cycles uses? Do I need to convert this too like below?

  FbxSystemUnit original_unit = fbx_scene->GetGlobalSettings().GetSystemUnit();
  if (original_unit != FbxSystemUnit::m) {
    const FbxSystemUnit::ConversionOptions lConversionOptions = {
        false, /* mConvertRrsNodes */
        true,  /* mConvertAllLimits */
        true,  /* mConvertClusters */
        true,  /* mConvertLightIntensity */
        true,  /* mConvertPhotometricLProperties */
        true   /* mConvertCameraClipPlanes */

    // Convert the scene to meters using the defined options.
    FbxSystemUnit::m.ConvertScene(fbx_scene, lConversionOptions);

Thanks in advance

Cycles rendering is independent of the up axis and unit of measure, no conversion is needed.

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