Scale gizmo is still broken in 2.83

Ever since Blender 2.8 introduced reasonable gizmo based workflow to align with other industry standard tools, the implementation of scale gizmo remained broken since the mouse sensitivity of scaling is still derived from the distance of mouse cursor to the gizmo origin. This mechanism was made for the legacy, freeform style of the transform tool but simply does NOT work with gizmo based navigation, as the whole point of gizmo is having the drag areas concentrated in close proximity around the gizmo origin, resulting in excessive sensitivity in 100% of cases.

Here’s an example where it’s impossible to scale the subject to desired scale using gizmo handle, even if the gizmo handle is dragged as far away from the gizmo center as possible:

User has to fight literally 1 pixel mouse position increments to get close to desired scale size. That’s ridiculous.

The solution is simple: When transform is activated by gizmo, the sensitivity should be constant, not based on the cursor distance. Only when the transform is activated via hotkey should the sensitivity be modified by the distance.

It’s really ridiculous this has not been addressed yet. Just think about it. Blender 2.8 doesn’t have even such basics as transform tool gizmos working correctly for three major releases already. That’s just insane.