Rightclick menu for collections in outliner doesn't work in Scene mode

  • In the outliner, viewing Scenes, opening the right-click menu for a collection reveals some tools that don’t do what you expect

  • “Duplicate Collection” and “Duplicate Linked” are expected (imo) to behave like SHIFT+D and ALT+D respectively, duplicating the collection and potentially linking the datablocks to the original

  • Instead they respond with “Error: no active collection” even though you presumably JUST selected a collection to do this

  • “Copy” and “Paste” one would expect to be able to copy the collection and be able to paste it into another scene for example

  • Instead these operations copy only the datablocks… or something? I’m honestly not even sure what does or doesn’t happen when I do this.


Ensure that Duplicate always Duplicates whatever you just clicked on, and Copy+Paste allows you to Copy+Paste whatever you just clicked on, not just the invisible datablocks within.

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