Return active FCurve with python for an addon

Hi guys, i’m trying to write a little addon to help deal with FCurves modifier, and i need to get the active modifier from active FCurves.

So far i’m not able to return active FCurve in python, i don’t really know where to look. The purpose being get the active modifier in this FCurve, i tried to just iterate and get modifier marked as active, but they can be several (one by FCurves) so it won’t work as intented. I can only get selected FCurves with


Do you have any clue about where to look for this property ? Cheers guys !

Ok i finally found it, you have to call
from graph_editor context, active F Curve doesn’t seem to exist as a property out of context afaik ! If anybody knows a way to call it while overriding the context, i would be thrilled to know :slight_smile: cheers !