Request to include 'Object' search in the NLA Editor Search Window

Hello Team,

I would like to request that we could search for Objects names in the NLA Editor. We in the flight simulator field work with planes that have TONS of parts that are animated and a lot of them are NLA animations (multiple objects with the same names on their animation tracks). Being able to search for a part takes a long time, but if we could search the name of the part (object) instead of the animation name, it would help us ‘tremendously’.

A humble suggestion might be to have it mimick the new Outliner feature where if the mouse cursor is hovering in the NLA area, hitting period key could bring up the object that is selected. No typing needed. Like a shortcut to the animation track via the part that is active/selected.

But if we could have the option to search for both tracks ‘and’ Object names, or to switch from one to the other, like in a settings section, etc, that would be helpful.

I just learned about ‘Focus Object’ arrow key feature, and that does help a great deal, but if we could search for the parts (objects) by name, or by selection, that would be awesome.

Kind regards, and keep up the great work. I love Blender!


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Added to the NLA Roadmap document I am working on.

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